Brazilian Biotechnology Start-up publishes in one of the world’s most respected scientific journals.
TISMOO is the first Brazilian company to publish in Nature, one of the world’s most respected scientific journals.

TISMOO is part of a team responsible for investigating the Zika virus and its relation with the high number of microcephaly cases in Brazil. Along with scientists from Universidad de São Paulo and of the University of California, Tismoo contributed to make evident the relationship between the virus and the altered development of the cerebral cortex. The study, published in May 11 de 2016 through Nature’s website, grants TISMOO the distinction of becoming the "first Brazilian biotechnology company to publish a paper in the world’s most respected scientific journal”.

Known by its work on Autism, TISMOO is the world’s first company exclusively dedicated to the genetic analysis of this condition, with the goal of discovering new for personalized therapeutic perspectives. The goal of the startup company is to take state-of-the-art technology, usually restricted to academic circles, and put them into practice to benefit those affected by Autism.

The technologies being developed by Tismoo intend to anticipate the personalization of medicine. By acknowledging the understanding of the individual genetic distinctiveness is possible to improve our knowledge regarding Autism. Given its experience in this area, Tismoo perceived that it could also contribute on Zika virus and microcephaly research.

"We were particularly sensitive to the outbreak of this neurological disease in Brazil. We thought we could do something beyond what the original Start-up project was committed to be and do. We believed we could have an important role understanding the particular virulence of the Brazilian version of Zika virus. We were able to find answer for questions regarding Zika, for which there was not an answer before", comments Alysson Muotri Molecular Biologist and one of the founders of TISMOO.

One of the technologies used is cellular reprograming, which enables the creation of a platform for the functional analysis of the alterations produced by mutated genes. This way is possible to develop and test new drugs in mini brains, produced in laboratory, starting from samples taken from the affected patients. TISMOO also offers a complete analysis of the Genome, analysis of the Exome and the analysis of a gene panel exclusively dedicated to Autism.

"I believe that we are in front of important challenges, like Autism. We need new business models, which are capable of reconcile the investor’s interests with a greater purpose, generating a positive and sustainable change in society. That is what we are living in TISMOO today. That is our motivation to overcome the challenges we are about to live through”, ends Muotri.

Personalized Medicine for an effective treatment.

We firmly believe that future medicine will become something, which we cannot even imagine today.